Cohesive breast implants have been used worldwide for nearly fifteen years and have undergone over six years of rigorous testing in the United States. Many European plastic surgeons find cohesive implants create a more sensual breast enhancement and prefer them over saline because of their naturally appealing shape and fixed gel form.

What distinguishes cohesive implants from other silicone breast implants is that the silicone gel is firmer, essentially a soft solid. If a cohesive implant is cut in half, the gel does not move. Cohesive gel implants maintain their consistency and shape. The characteristics of cohesive gel implants are a textured exterior, no movement of gel, and the implant maintains its shape. These characteristics are how the term, “Gummy Bear” implants became a nickname.

Cohesive gel breast implants have the advantage of longevity and shape. Cohesive gel silicone implants do not develop folds and therefore the risk of possible rupture is drastically reduced.  The consistency of the gel material is so thick that if the shell ever did fail, the material would not migrate like the more liquid like silicone implants.

Cohesive gel breast implants appear to have the most aesthetically natural and beautiful results because of their anatomical shape. The design of the implant is closer to that of a woman’s natural breast. The breasts project more at the bottom thus creating a natural slope, or teardrop shape. The more natural looking shape is less conspicuous and creates a more sensuous contour to a woman’s figure.

Cohesive gel implants are a preferred choice of implant for many women. When deciding on breast augmentation procedures and surgeons, it is important your surgeon knows exactly how you wish to look. Be sure the selected plastic surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and he or she is practicing the most progressive procedures that contemporary cosmetic surgery offers.