A woman’s breasts need not be lifeless. Today, with the many available cosmetic surgery clinics and cosmetic or breast augmentation surgeons available at very low costs, women have more options than ever to enhance their appearances. Smaller breast augmentations are more and more popular with movie stars like Marisa Tomei and Nicole Kidman choosing them to feel and look sexier and younger.

Women are often mistaken in thinking that breast augmentation has to result in outlandish enormous breasts that are signs of obviousness, desperation, and a lack of imagination. In fact, with breast augmentation surgery or breast reconstruction, plastic surgeons are offering women more and more ways to enhance their figures and sex appeal than ever before, all while costing much less than ever.

A woman’s breasts are her visible and physical signs of public sexuality and power. When women have had children or as they age, their breasts naturally lose their firmness, shape, and perkiness. Breast augmentation surgery restores all these sexual attributes and therefore enhance a woman’s self-confidence and sex appeal in the process.

Picture the scene: you are married to a woman you love and respect and you want to desire her as much as possible as much as you want her to feel good about herself. Breast implants, large or small, enhance her body and give her the sexual confidence that will attract the attention of all those who come across her. This sexual and male attention enhances a woman’s confidence and gives her man a feeling of power and control that is rare in today’s world.

Sexual power is perhaps humanity’s most precious commodity. Women seek it for protection and to have children. Men seek it to have confirmation of their status and to start families. Breast augmentation has a big role to play in this equation of looks, power, and sex, for both men and women.