Breast augmentation has earned increasing popularity among today’s sophisticated women. More women are enhancing their figures with contemporary plastic surgery. One of three selected procedures are available that introduce breast implants providing women with their own unique body contouring.

Breast augmentation surgery increases breast volume by inserting saline or silicone implants over, under or partially under the major pectoral muscle. A short incision is made on the lower part of the areola, or under the mammary fold or in the axillary region which is around the breast by the armpit. The method of breast augmentation is selected based on the patient’s overall anatomy and specific criteria pertaining to the desired outcome of surgery.

Complete sub muscular breast implant placement positions the entire implant below the chest muscle, leaving none of the silicone or saline implant above the layer of chest muscle. The top of the implant is placed behind the pectoral and serratus muscles and the lower portion of the breast implant is positioned behind the fascia tissue that connects the pectoral, serratus, and upper abdominal muscles.

Partial sub muscular breast implant placement positions the implant beneath the breast tissue and partially under the chest muscle. When breast implants are placed partially under the pectoral muscles they are able to be attached securely to the muscle limiting implant movement and pocket shifting. The partial sub muscular procedure positions the breast implant with the upper part of the implant below the muscle and the lower part just beneath the breast. Sub-glandular breast implant placement is under the soft breast tissue just above the chest area pectoral muscle and fibrous tissues that line the ribcage.

It is possible that patients may feel a pain associated to heavy tightening in the breasts during the first forty eight hours post surgery. Post surgical antalgic treatment during the first few days is mandatory. If possible an at home supportive environment should be considered for the first week following breast augmentation.  It is recommended these arrangements for limited activity be made in advance.  A shaping bra must be worn for one month following surgery and it is recommended patients wait up to two months before engaging in any athletics activity.

Body contouring and figure beautification through plastic surgery is a privilege becoming more popular each day. The progression of plastic surgery has empowered women to look beautiful and feel great. Discuss with your surgeon which breast implant procedure is right for you to achieve the best figure enhancement breast augmentation provides.