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Breast implants are a commonly accepted way for women to alter their appearance and make themselves look and feel younger and sexier. Today, breast augmentation techniques and technological options vary greatly and women need to be informed before deciding on a breast augmentation surgeon or plastic surgery clinic. It is important for women who are considering breast implants to educate themselves through research on various cosmetic surgeons in their area and the various breast augmentation techniques and implants available today.

To begin with there are two main types of breast implants: silicone gel breast implants and saline breast implants. Saline breast implants are a bit older technology and are filled with a saltwater solution while silicone gel breast implants are a newer technology and are a bit more common today. They are filled with a silicon gel substance that fits various forms and shapes of a woman’s breast. Breast augmentation comes in two main shapes: contoured or anatomical implants and round implants.

Contoured breast implants closely resemble the natural, anatomical shape of a woman’s breast and are sometimes called “teardrop breast implants”. Contoured breast implants are what women choose when they want a softer, subtler and more sublime appearance that does not make it obvious that they had breast implants or that they have undergone breast augmentation surgery.

Round breast implants are usually filled with saline and are the choice for women who want to make a bold statement. These implants really bulge out and fill a woman’s breast in all directions. Breast augmentation surgery can affect the breast in many ways and the size and shape of breast implants are measured by volume, width, and projection. Volume is the overall area and fill that a breast implant takes up inside the breast. The projection or protrusion of the breast implant is the size or length of the implant’s extension from the chest to the nipple of the breast. The width of breast implants is measured by facing the breast and measuring side to side.