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Breast implants are a fascinating new phenomenon in cosmetic or plastic surgery. They are “new” in that now breast augmentation is more and more accepted in society, social circles, even families. Breast implants have never been more mainstream or more common. Because of this development, breast implants are easier to get and cheaper than ever as well. Breast augmentation or cosmetic surgeons now all offer various forms of breast implant surgery. In the past it was usually necessary to travel great distances to find the right plastic surgeon to perform breast enhancement or breast augmentation procedures.

It used to be that only movie stars and celebrities would undergo breast augmentation surgery in last-ditch attempts at remaining attractive and garnering press. Today everyone from grandmothers to teenagers and housewives are choosing breast implants as a way to improve their confidence, feel sexier, and get more attention from men, be they their husbands or lovers. Breast augmentation is now mainstream and this means that it is not as shocking or even surprising as it once was when you see someone with firm protruding breasts wearing a low-cut dress or tight shirt.

A woman’s breasts are the gateway to her sexuality and her fertility. The symbolic and sexual power of breasts means that breast implants are a powerful way to improve a woman’s appearance and sexual confidence, all the while she conquers more and more male attention and attraction.

There are many types of breast implants for women to choose from. To begin with, breast augmentation can be any shape or size and conferring with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon about your options is the first step in getting breast augmentation. Breast augmentation surgeons will explain everything from the shapes (anatomical/teardrop to round), sizes, projections, and widths. Your plastic surgeon will also go over scarring, healing/recovery times, and various options for insertion techniques.

The breast augmentation surgeon you choose will be knowledgeable in the latest techniques and advances in breast implant technologies to ensure that you receive the best care during and after your breast augmentation surgical procedure. It is important to discuss breast implant options with family, friends, lover/spouse, and anyone close to you before and after the procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will also help with explaining the proper preparation techniques and steps, eating habits, and even what bra and other clothing to wear.