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Breasts and breast implants come in many shapes and sizes. Like women themselves, breasts can be as varied in size, shape, and appearance as snowflakes and handshakes. Breast augmentation is the most common form of cosmetic surgery because women understand the importance of female breasts and their relationship to sexuality and attractiveness. Women wish to enhance their breasts for one reason and one reason only: to make themselves more desirable to men. The female breast is the most visible and most public sexual part of a woman and breast enhancement means an enhancement of a woman’s sexual power and attractiveness.

Breast implants are measured in three major ways: width, volume, and projection. Width is measured by facing the breast and taking the dimensions from left to right. Volume is the total mass and area of the breast as a whole. Projection is the length between the chest and the nipple measured by facing the breast in profile. Projection is arguably the most important aspect of a new breast’s appearance or dimension.

Breast enhancement, breast augmentation are enhancements of the projection and firmness of the breast. Cosmetic surgery is man’s way of combating mother nature and gravity. When a woman has children or when she ages, her breasts naturally sag over time. Breast implants not only fill the breast, they also make breasts firmer and lift them up to make them appear younger and more sexual. This is where breast projection comes in. Fuller lifted enhanced breasts also have a greater projection area that is pointier and more attractive to prospective mates. Nothing beats a woman with firm, full breasts walking down the street when it comes to catching the eyes of men. Breast augmentation is the way to increase breast projection, firmness and size to guarantee a higher degree of sexual power and attractiveness.