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Breast augmentation is the preferred way for women to change their physique and discover another side to their appearance based on their breasts. Breast augmentation offers the potential for a whole new way of seeing oneself and a new way for others to see your and your body. Cosmetic surgery used to be taboo for those in most respectable circles of society, unless you were part of the entertainment or porn industries. In the past, only actresses, stars, celebrities and personalities whose bodies was the capital upon which their careers were built were the ones electing to undergo breast augmentation surgery or choose such procedures as face-lifts, liposuction or buttock lifts.

Today, breast implants, like botox, and facelifts are nearly as common as going to the dentist or to your local doctor for a check-up. Breast implants are the most popular form of cosmetic surgery because a woman’s breasts are the most obvious and visible part of her sexuality, both when she is nude and when she is clothed in public. A woman’s breasts are the crucial sexual symbol of her being, of her appearance and of her physical body. When a woman gives birth the toll taken on the breasts is extreme and they never recover. Breast augmentation is the most effective way of altering and enhancing a woman’s body after childbirth.

But breast augmentation is not just for women who have had children. Today, many young women and older women who have no children choose breast augmentation for a number of reasons ranging from the desire to improve one’s love life with a husband or lover to the need to feel more confident and secure as one ages. There is no doubting the power of full and firm breasts. They say so many things about a woman’s status as a sexual object and a sexual agent. Firm and full breasts can come in any infinite number of sizes and shapes and there are no limitations to what a woman can achieve through choosing the right cosmetic surgeon or breast augmentation surgeon.