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A woman’s breasts are intimately tied to her identity as a person and a sexual being. Female breasts are the most visible and most powerful part of a woman’s body in terms of their sexual symbolism. A woman’s breasts symbolize both fertility and sexual power. When a woman choose breast augmentation she is choosing to augment her sexual power, sexual attractiveness, and overall feelings of self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery can be a very powerful and effective way for women to improve their sexual, professional, and personal lives.

Women choose breast augmentation surgery to enlarge their breasts, in nearly all cases. When women want to enlarge their breasts they are desiring an improvement in appearance and more attention from men so that their status as sexual objects can be improved or raised. Breast augmentation achieves this by increasing the volume or mass of the breast, the projection of the breast (the area between the chest and the nipple), and the width of the breast.

The width of a woman’s breast is a large factor in overall breast implant appearance, silicone gel and saline breast implants can be customized to maximize the width of a woman’s breast after breast augmentation. By expanding or enlarging breast width, women are saying they want to be noticed. They are demanding to be accounted for by possible mates and breast width implies both sexual and fertile power.

Wide breasts garner more attention and take up more area when viewed head on or facing a woman. If women only wished to have firmer breasts or a longer projection, they would not get as much attention from the male gaze as they would be widening or enlarging their breasts laterally. Today with so many new breast implant technologies available ranging from teardrop shaped anatomical or contoured implants to round firmer implants, women have many choices and ways to which enhance their breasts and physical appearance.

It is important for women to discuss all these options and to choose the right implants for their bodies. Pre-op consultations with a cosmetic surgeon as well as discussions with friends and boyfriends/lovers/husbands, will provide those seeking breast augmentation with all the information they need to make an informed decision about increasing their sexual power.