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Breast implants are more and more common in the domain of social acceptability and beauty. No longer purely the domain of starlets, celebrities, and the wealthy, breast augmentation surgery is the most common form of plastic surgery and part of the social sphere. Because of the widespread availability of breast implants across the world the cost of breast augmentation surgery has decreased dramatically so that those in the working and middle classes can now find them affordable.

Breast augmentation is a phenomenon that requires careful study for women who are contemplating it. To begin with, there are many types of breast augmentation procedures that vary according to technology, size, and even insertion. Women need to consult with a cosmetic surgeon about their options and with the pluses and minuses of various breast implants such as silicone gel breast implants and saline breast implants. Secondly, women need to consult with their breast augmentation surgeon about recovery times, size, width, and projection of breast implants, and scars and healing times.

Your cosmetic or plastic surgeon will show you different photographs of various breast augmentation procedures with various techniques, scarring, and breast implant types that can be in shapes that are mainly either round or more anatomical (teardrop) forms.

Breast implants used to be solely an option for movie stars, television actresses, and other female celebrities looking to enhance their physiques and sex appeal in the process. They were mainly women who were over 40 and trying to retain an appearance of youth and sexiness as they were aging and feeling the pressure of younger women in a business or industry that was youth and beauty-obsessed. This is no longer the case as women from all races and socio-economic backgrounds now opt for breast augmentation surgery or breast implants in an attempt to take control of their physical appearance. Today’s women understand the pressures of beauty and those who have had children and those who are even still quite young all choose breast implants for a variety of reasons, all of which have to do with feeling young, sexy, and desirable for women, their husbands, or lovers.

Because breast implants are now so common and technologically advanced with procedures that even leave no visible scarring (TUBA Method), they are more and more mainstream and less and less shocking. There is no disputing the power of a large bust on the erotic and visual imagination of men. Women know and understand this power and those not born with exceptionally expressive or noticeable breasts choose breast augmentation as a way to create a newer more sexy version of themselves.