Breast implant shapes come in a wide variety of styles and sizes that meet the needs of women desiring a new physique and breast augmentation. Breast implants come in two basic shapes: anatomical (teardrop) and round. Breast implant placement and size in combination with the shape of the breast augmentation together result in the final form.

Breast implant shapes determine the appearance of the breast augmentation in concert with the placement and size of the breast implant technology used in the procedure. Women who want to change their appearance from breast augmentation will need to consider many factors when considering their options for breast implant sizes and shapes. These factors include: body weight, height, body type, and desired appearance.

Petite women may not want large breast implants that are round and symmetrical. They may instead prefer the look of a more proportionately correct teardrop shaped implant. Teardrop or anatomical breast implants are more naturalistic in appearance and provide a subtler look that many men prefer. In contrast, round breast implants are symmetrical and jut further out creating a longer projection. These types of breast implants were used by celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Demi Moore. Round breast implants are used by those who desperately want to attract attention and who feel the need to go that extra mile when it comes to breast augmentation.

Breast implant shapes are also determined by sizes. Women who want exceptionally large breast implants that increase their cup sizes by two or more will probably want round breast implants. It generally takes about 350ccs of breast implant volume to increase 1-2 sizes in cup size and your breast surgeon will help you understand all the variables involved in getting the size and form you desire. During the pre-operative period before the breast augmentation surgery your cosmetic surgeon will show you various before and after photos of previous patients who have chosen various breast implant sizes and shapes. This process will help you decide on the size, shape, and procedure you desire.