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Breast implants are the most common form of cosmetic surgery that women choose. Today’s world puts a measure on external beauty more than ever. In fact breast augmentation is so widespread that it has nearly lost any social stigma previously attached to it. Women from all economic and social backgrounds are now choosing breast implants as a way to re-shape their bodies and their lives.

A woman’s body goes through many changes over time thanks to age and to the rigors of child-rearing. Breast enhancement is a way for women to reclaim their bodies and make themselves look years young. New Plastic surgery techniques now leave women with many options concerning the placement of implants and also scarring. Breast implant sizes and technologies have improved dramatically in recent years to allow women to feel more confident and safer in their choices.

Your breast augmentation surgeon can explain all the possibilities concerning implant size, shape, and type. Today’s breast implants are generally silicone gel filled and ribbed to prevent slippage. Because these implants are filled with a gel like substance rather than a liquid, silicone implants are now quite safe. New options concerning anesthesia and scarring prevention now make breast enhancement safer, faster, and with less visible scarring. The result of all these developments is that women now have more options to make a safe and informed decision as to breast augmentation.