In today’s world of breast implants women can choos from a wide variety of styles for their breast augmentation surgery. Breast enhancement, the increase in breast size and volume through the use of implants, offers women many options in terms of width, volume, shape, and implant technology. Women can now choose between smaller cup size increases and a variety of breast implants shapes from round to anatomical or contoured.

Smaller cup size increases in breast augmentation afford a subtler look and still offer a firmer, suppler appearance without the obvious “breast implants” appearance. For women with smaller frames, this option is often a desireable one. For larger women and those in search of a wow factor, larger breast implants offering an increase of at least 3 cup sizes are the route to take. These types of breast enhancement are usually integrated with round breast implants.

Much has changed in our society as a result of pop culture and the ever-increasing use of breast surgery. Because cosmetic sugery has been around for over forty years now it has become accepted more and more by mainstream and pop culture. This means that more and more women from a variety of backgrounds are choosing breast augmentation as a way to look and feel sexier and more confident. When a woman is more confident and feels sexier she is more attractive and hence more powerful. The result for the cosmetic surgery industry is a rise in the number of breast implants surgeries.