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Breast augmentation is a phenomenon that goes beyond the cosmetic surgery field and has impacted all aspects of the beauty industry. More women than ever are choosing to enhance their figures and turn back the clock when it comes to aging and beauty. In the recent past, breast augmentation cost was so high that it became prohibitive unless you were a wealthy socialite or famous actress. But increased competition and new technologies and techniques have dramatically reduced the cost of breast implants.

These new techniques such as the TUBA method and new technologies like the improved silicone gel implants have mad breast augmentation cost under $5,000 in some cases, sometimes even less for women willing to travel to offshore locations such as Puerto Rico or the Cayman Islands.

Breast augmentation and breast implants prices vary according to a number of factors including the exact techniques used, the size and types of implants, and other specifics that depend on each patient and plastic surgeon. Women interested in learning more about reduced breast augmentation cost might consider traveling for their plastic surgeries. Women interested in the high-end Miami or Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons should be ready to pay at least $10,000 in some cases.

For women considering breast implants the first step is considering your budget and picking a cosmetic surgeon. Your doctor will offer you a free consultation that will go over everything from total costs with anesthesia included to recovery times and medication needs. It is important to make the decision carefully and consider a number of factors like body type, the size of your implants, and whether or not you want a special technique that reduces or hides all scarring but may cost more.