No matter how much times change, women will always want to be full-figured and men will be attracted to large breasts on women. The psycho-sexual components of breast augmentation are varied and depend somewhat on region but all women want to look young and be desired. It is an age-old component, hard-wired into being and all relationships between the sexes. This is where cosmetic surgery comes. Breast implants have changed both how women feel about aging and how we define beauty in the 21st century.

As women age, their bodies change dramatically. Their skin gets softer and more tensile. The breasts sag and lose shape. Fat accrues more easily. For many, affordable breast augmentation represents a sea change in their lives. With new innovations in the world of plastic surgery ranging from medical tourism and cosmetic surgery vacations to Internet marketing by clinics and surgeons, women now have many more options for cheap breast implants including lower prices on other plastic surgery procedures ranging from face lifts and liposuction to botox and many more.

What makes affordable breast augmentation such a popular phenomenon in the world of medical tourism is the way in which this procedure becomes available to new soci0-economic classes. This means that women from more divergent backgrounds ethnically and socially are choosing anatomical or round breast implants in an effort to look and feel younger and sexier. This has changed the game of beauty and made breast augmentation more common and hence, more acceptable.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the ideals of beauty among most men are eternal: youth, full figures, and alluring busts. Women know this and this is why they choose breast implants as a way to fight age and remain more and more seductive. These are the basics of beauty: seduction and enchantment.