The fashions of beauty come and go. They vary widely according to times, movies, pop culture, and many other variables in our lives and in our visual fields. In cosmetic surgery breast augmentation also goes through changes, trends, and fashions. Whether it is movie stars like Marisa Tomei or pinups like Pamela Anderson, fashions are affecting plastic surgery more than ever.

Perhaps the newest trend in cosmetic surgery is the use of small anatomical breast implants. In the past, round, symmetrical implants were the shape of choice for many women. These were usually filled with saline fluid and gave a very obvious and usually over-sized look to a woman’s bust line.

The new anatomical (teardrop-shaped) silicone gel breast implants are a bit subtler in appearance and have become the breast enhancement of choice for many starlets and celebrities who wish to leave a bit of doubt when it comes to enhancing their bodies.

For women, bust lines are a crucial part of the overall appearance. The right bra, shirt, or dress cut can make or break one’s appearance. For a celebrity, a power wife, or a professional appearance is everything. This is why plastic surgery is such a precise and fascinating profession. Women who want to improve their looks, feel sexier and younger, usually opt for any type of breast augmentation and a combination of botox and face lifts in some cases.

For those interested in feeling more attractive, more visible in a sea of women and female competition for a man’s look, breast enhancement is the obvious choice. Once that choice is made a plastic surgeon can help you with all the variables involved in making sure your procedure is a successful one. Fashin is fleeting but beauty is timeless.