With news that many PIP breast implants filled with silicone gel have been known to rupture a new scandal has emerged in the world of breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery. For prospective patients it is important to find a breast enhancement surgeon who does not or never used this type of breast implants. Doctor Franck Benhamou, a cosmetic surgeon known for his highly-skilled techniques, does not utilize the PIP type of silicone gel breast implants.

His work ensures that all women desiring an enhancement of their breasts will undergo safe treatment and receive tested, safe technologies. Affordable breast augmentation has changed the way we think of cosmetic surgery and breast implants. More women than ever before can now experience the satisfaction of feeling sexier and looking younger thanks to affordable breast implants.

By traveling to an exotic location for medical tourism and more affordable breast enhancement procedures women can save thousands of dollars and combine a vacation with self-improvement. Knowing you have a doctor who is safe and trusted makes a big difference in the experience as well.

Doctor Benhamou uses the latest technologies including a new type of breast implants filled with a solid silicone gel that cannot rupture or leak. His skill at placement and his craft as an artist of the body make him a superb choice for affordable and safe breast augmentation.

For more information visit the official Dr. Franck Benhamou at benhamouplasticsurgery.com or his medical tourism website at breastaugmentationbeauty.com.