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Beauty and Rejuvenation with Estetica Insitute of the Palm Beaches

Ours is a visual world. Appearances matter. We may try to tell ourselves that what counts about a person is what is on the inside but the truth is we are judged first based on how we look. How we look depends on many factors: age, fashion, gender, culture, location, and more. When it comes to understanding the trends within fashion and beauty, the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches, a leading cosmetic surgery center and medi-spa, represents the very vanguard of the plastic surgery industry.

Beauty and Rejuvenation with Estetica Institute and Dr. Gregory DeLange

We often hear the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. But the truth is that beauty depends on standards dictated by our culture. For women and men it starts with looking young and fit. Estetica Institute and its medical director, Dr. Gregory DeLange, have over a decade of experience offering a variety of procedures varying from breast augmentation and Botox injections to tummy tucks, face lifts and rhinoplasties. Dr. DeLange’s experience at the forefront of the beauty and plastic surgery industry have enabled him to be seen as a voice for many publications. He is frequently chosen as a consultant and commentator for newspapers and magazines. This wealth of knowledge provides his patients with a distinctive luxurious insight into many trends regarding female beauty and the male appearance.

Let’s face it. Times change. 40 years ago, men work skinny ties. Today, for women and men interested in cosmetic surgery it is crucial to feel comfortable with your choice of doctor and clinic. Estetica is frequently cited as one of the most prestigious beauty and plastic surgery centers in the country. It offers patients a uniquely luxurious approach to beauty and treatment with a variety of non-invasive services as well that heal and rejuvenate the skin, the face, the hair and every other part of the body.

Plastic surgery can mean many things to many people. For those wishing a rejuvenation to enhance appearances, a breast augmentation or eye lift may be in order. For others, plastic surgery can correct a perceived or obvious defect or flaw, depending on the person. Estetica Institute has been at the leading edge of the technologies and trends in beauty because its holistic perspective on cosmetic surgery enhances the natural attributes inherent in all patients.

Estetica’s High-Profile Patients

The list of patients among Estetica’s clients range from stock brokers, actors, bankers and singers to single moms, retirees, and models. The age groups vary from 18 to 80 and the reasons that men and women pursue plastic surgery vary as much as the people themselves. What makes Dr. DeLange and his staff exceptional with the industry is their knowledge of trends and tastes and how they can transfer this knowledge to meet your desired appearance. Twenty years ago it may have been fashionable for women to choose round saline breast implants. But times and tastes change. Today, many women are opting for more subtle anatomical (teardrop) implants filled with a silicone jelly.

Breast augmentation Palm Beach, for words that speak to Estetica Institute as the preferred destination for residents and visitors in Palm Beach County. Estetica’s patients come from all parts of the world or just around the corner.