Affordable breast augmentation is one of the new developments of cosmetic surgery in the past ten years. With some breast augmentations costing less than $4,000 patients can save well over $5,000 from what this procedure cost only a year ago. Today’s women interested in a breast enhancement that beautifies and rejuvenates. Medical tourism has changed the cosmetic surgery equations. Doctors and clinics abroad offer patients beauty and vacations all in one trip.

But choosing a plastic surgeon is an important decision when it comes to opting for a procedure that can improve both your appearance and your spirit. There are many considerations that prospective patients should consider. First, be sure to explore searches for a doctor online for the specific procedure you want. You will also want to google the procedure you want with a possible destination. For example a search for “breast augmentation cayman islands” gives you a list of doctors and plastic surgery centers in that vicinity. Other popular terms include “medical tourism” or simply “cosmetic surgery” + name of location.

Secondly, patients will want to contact the doctors they are interested in via phone or email and ask a few questions about their procedures. For breast implants medication and recovery period are common issues. Other topics include size and technology of implants, type of placement and scarring.

Finally, be sure to inquire about travel costs, booking, accommodations, and amenities. In many cases, clinics work with airlines to provide these in one package. In other cases you may have to book travel and hotel separately. Cheap breast enhancement starts with some basic questions and a trip to a beautiful location in the Caribbean or other locale!