Proper aftercare ensures a sexier looking you

Cosmetic surgery has become more socially accepted within the last decade alone. As more women choose to enhance their figure, medical tourism has become more popular. Women are starting to travel to Europe, Mexico and all over the Caribbean to receive cheap breast enhancement surgery.

Not only is it safe, affordable breast augmentation is also the same quality of work found in America at half of the price. Professional plastic surgeons can give you the body you have always dreamed of.

After your surgery you will have time to rest at the clinic, but your recovery does not start until you get home. In the weeks ahead, the more cautionary steps you take, the quicker and easier your recovery will be. Your cosmetic surgeon will offer you tips on a speedy recovery.

Vitamin C, protein, and zinc are all nutrients that promote healing. You can get these through multivitamins and nutritional supplements, or by eating citrus fruits, green vegetables, meats, and milk products.

Rest and relaxation cannot be stressed enough. Do not exercise for at least four weeks and no heavy lifting. Patients should also avoid driving for about a week, because any emergency stop can cause pain and discomfort.

Avoid getting your wounds wet for one week after the surgery. The moisture can aggravate the incision site and slow the healing process. Prop yourself up with pillows to remain comfortable or sleep on your back or side.

Bruising and discomfort can result from excessive movement. Many surgeons recommend that their patients wear tight-fitting sports bras in order to minimize pulling. This is mostly important in the earlier days of your recovery, during which excessive use of your arms and chest area can cause irritation and bleeding.

Proper aftercare of your breasts post surgery will be the determining factor to their success. The better you take care of your new enhancement, the sexier your affordable breast implants will be.