Gwen Stefani opted for breast implants proportional to her body frame

Celebrity breast augmentation is extremely common. Singers and actresses all understand the lengths you have to go through to look and feel sexy. So it is no wonder notoriously flat-chested rock icon, Gwen Stefani, would choose breast implants to enhance her sexuality.

Nowadays, Gwen is showing off some bulge in her breast area, with a little more curve showing under her clothes. Though she has not admitted to having any cosmetic help in enhancing her chest size, there is definitely a cup difference.

Her implants are probably saline, which does not feel as natural as silicone does. But, saline may be the better choice for thinner women who do not want the outlines of their implants to be visible. Stefani’s enhancement from an A cup to a B cup kept her bust proportionate to her figure. With her chest known for being almost boy-like, it was a subtle yet fulfilling move.

Just like Stefani, women everywhere are rewarding themselves with affordable breast implants. The need for perfection and a sexier look is ever more prevalent in society today. With new breasts you will feel revitalized and youthful, especially after having children.

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Affordable breast implants give women a boost in cup size and confidence. Gwen Stefani has consistently been a fashion forward superstar, and now you can too with new breast implants.