E! News star Giuliana Rancic, announced back in 2011 that she was in the early stages of battling breast cancer. Since then, Giuliana opted for a double mastectomy and an immediate breast reconstruction procedure.

Most women undergoing a mastectomy are given the option of breast reconstruction. This helps rebuild the size and shape of the removed breast or breasts. Many women choose to reconstruct their breast or breasts immediately following a mastectomy, while they are still under anesthesia. There is also the option of holding off on the reconstruction and performing it at a later date.

After a mastectomy, the breast skin is not thick or tough enough to hold a reconstructive implant. The plastic surgeon consequently has to insert a special temporary implant, called a tissue expander, behind the major muscle on the chest wall. The expander is needed to stretch the chest wall muscle to make a pocket for the implant.

Over a period of several months, saline is injected into the expander slowly enlarging the chest wall pocket. When the pocket is fully stretched, the device is removed and a breast implant is positioned in the new pocket. Other minor operations may be performed at the same time or later, including nipple reconstruction.

For Giuliana, the decision to have a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction was entirely hers. Every effort is made to give you a choice between simple and more complex procedures, depending on medical requirements and your desires for the final result.

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