Overall, breast augmentation has become an exceptionally safe surgery. Any form of complication after having implant surgery falls into one of two categories. General surgical risk, and what is known as adverse outcomes.

General surgical risks include reactions to anesthesia, infection, bleeding, blood clot formation, and pulmonary embolus. Of these risks, blood clots and pulmonary embolus are the most uncommon, but possibly fatal complications of any type of surgery.

Adverse outcomes are things such as breast asymmetry, dissatisfaction with implant size, or nipple numbness. You may also experience ripples, breast pain, capsular contracture, and implant leak. Staying healthy, getting plenty of rest and avoiding vigorous activity in the weeks following surgery can help to prevent these risks.

There are several important things to contemplate before choosing to undergo breast implant surgery. You should completely understand all of the pros and cons of this procedure. You also want to be confident about your own personal expectations and reasons for having the surgery.

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Undergoing any surgical procedure may involve certain risks. Your plastic surgeon will be able to explain thoroughly the risks associated with your breast implant surgery. Achieve a peace of mind in knowing that your medical vacation will be safe and affordable.