For some women, breast volume can be a hindrance in their daily lives. It can impact overall health, cause back problems, and make everyday activities difficult.

For patients who are interested in making a change, breast reduction Palm Beach is a way to help feel better about one’s self and improve their overall health. Overly large breasts can create their own problems, and this surgery can be the solution.

Large or heavy breasts can be resized in size and reshaped to create a more flattering look, and can also help women achieve a bust line that is more in line with their frame.

The surgery takes about two and a half hours, and it done under an IV anesthesia. There are a couple of options for how the procedure can be performed, and during the consultation process with a board certified cosmetic surgeon patients can learn more.

After the procedure, patients generally need a few days to recover. Some patients require pain prescriptions or often use over-the-counter medications in the first few days. Patients will utilize a surgical bra that can be changed over to a bra of their choosing in about a week.

An experienced cosmetic surgeon can help with this procedure that can often have dramatic, life-altering results. Consult with a doctor to find out more about how the procedure works.