New advances in aesthetic medicine are helping people look their very best. In South Florida, many people are inspired to seek improvements in their appearance through cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso works to stay ahead of the new advances in a number of procedures in order to help people achieve their aesthetic goals.

Surgical procedures are constantly advancing. The industry recognizes that every patient is different, and each patient also has slightly different aesthetic goals. New advances in a number of procedures are enabling doctors to work with patients through the consultation process to find just the right procedure to help them look their best. Breast augmentation, facelifts, and body sculpting procedures have all advanced in ways to help patients match the results of their procedure to their body and their vision.

For some patients, non-surgical and less invasive procedures can be just the right way to look younger and more vibrant. Botox and injectable fillers have become wildly popular for both women and men, helping them soften and even erase signs of aging like lines and wrinkles.

Every day, more and more women and men are seeing how the advances in cosmetic surgery can be used to help them look younger and gain the self-confidence that comes through an enhanced look. These procedures now offer something for anyone who is willing to explore this exciting field of medicine.