Today’s new hot plastic surgery trend comes form the front pages of the political news: The Melania Makeover.

More and more women are marching into their plastic surgeons offices with a single request: I want the Melania makeover! The First Lady has become the hot icon for women of all ages and backgrounds. This request presents a bit of a problem for doctors who must temper expectations for their patients and explain the complexities of a makeover, particularly one based on the fashion icon Melania.

A few fillers, maybe a facelift and a breast augmentation still does not guarantee you will look like Melania. For today’s top surgeons in places like Miami, New York and Los Angeles, the Melania Makeover may be a marketing tool and even something they can craft to highlight their practice.

For doctors interested in attracting patients with this request tactics uses range from radio spots to creative online advertising using graphics featuring the First Lady in a variety of beautiful and stylish outfits.