Don’t look now Rest of the World but according to sources in Hollywood, the “dimpleplasty” is a hot new trend. This procedure provides dimples around the smile and under the cheek bones to give one the same cutesy appearance found among stars such as Miranda Kerr and Harry Styles, according to Hollywood Life.

The minimally-invasive procedure has almost no down time and no scarring since the plastic surgeon undertakes the process at the sub-cutaneous (below the skin) level. The cost ranges from $1,000 to $2,500, depending on a few factors and the surgeon. Many plastic surgeons are getting inundated with requests for the “Gabrielle Union” union look with dimples. In some cases, patients are also requesting dimples on the chin.

The procedure speaks to the influence of pop and celebrity culture on beauty standards. Twenty years ago, even ten years ago, celebrities never played as a big a role in defining standards of beauty and desirebility for both men and women.