It’s no secret that cosmetic surgery is a large industry among the rich and famous. With their faces constantly plastered to tabloids, it is important that they good they best and stay looking their best. Some celebrities try to hide it, while others are open and honest about the good and the bad.

In a recent piece by Harpers Barzaar, some of those more vocal celebrities are outlined. Here are 15 celebrities who have had plastic surgery, and aren’t ashamed to admit it.

Kaley Cuoco

Credit: The Celebrity Castle

The Big Bang Theory star has proudly admitted to having a nose job, fillers, and a breast augmentation—which she says is the best decision she ever made.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Credit: WBUR

Though surprising to some, Curtis says she’s “tried it all,” but there is nothing she has continued to return to.

Kelly Rowland

Credit: Urban Islands

Following the advice of Beyonce’s mother and her own mother, Rowland waited until she was in her late twenties to have a breast augmentation.

Nicole Kidman

Credit: Hollywood News Source

Kidman has admitted to having Botox, but she hasn’t gotten it since, as she felt her face could not move.

Chrissy Teigen

Credit: Entertainment Tonight

Perhaps one of the stranger scenarios, Teigen has admitted to having liposuction in her armpits in order to feel better about herself in dresses.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Credit: Atelier Dore

Paltrow regularly uses lasers to treat wrinkles. Though refuses to try Botox again, she says she is potentially open to go under the knife one day.

Ashley Tisdale

Credit: StyleCaster

In order to fix a deviated septum, Tisdale underwent rhinoplasty and says it was one of the best decisions of her life.

Robin Wright

Credit: WPSU

Wright is vocal about her use of Botox, and insists that “everyone does it.”

Angelina Jolie

Credit: Time

As a preventative measure to avoid breast cancer, Jolie had double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

Naya Rivera

Credit: Rush Hour Daily News

Rivera says she had a breast augmentation at the young age of 18, and still happy about it to this day.

Kelly Ripa

Credit: LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

When people started telling the talk-show host she looked angry, Ripa decided it was time to get Botox.

Jane Fonda

Credit: Vogue

The Hollywood legend admits to having the bags removed from under her eyes, as well as having work done on her chin and neck.

Cardi B

Credit: Study Breaks Magazine

The fierce rapper isn’t afraid to admit she has had breast augmentation, as well as illegal injections in her rear.

Brooke Shields

Credit: Health Magazine

Shields has tried Botox, but has opted to try laser treatment for her wrinkles next time.

Christie Brinkley

Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PMC

Brinkley has used Xeomin for frown lines and Ultherapy to achieve a younger-looking neck and chest.